How to Make Money From Home With an Affiliate Marketing Home Based Business

Have you ever dreamed of being financially independent? Free of the 9 to 5 job and the boss who is only looking for the bottom line?

If you answered yes, you are not alone. Many of us dream to be free to be on our own and set our own hours. We would like to be free of the demands our jobs place on us and of the feeling of being ineffective at making the money we deserve.

You, probably, long to be able to take vacations whenever you wish and to work the hours you would like so that you can spend more time with your family and on yourself for your hobbies. Like many of us you see this as something that is out of your reach and is only a pipe dream.

Why is that so? It is likely that you like many people, fear losing the stability and security of your job, even though you know that this is not true at any time. You also feel you do not have the money or the time to really give to start a business of your own. Additionally, there are the opinions of your family and friends that you will only fail if you begin your own business and you, like many others, do not want to fail, especially if you invested your time and money.

You would like to have the following question answered:

How can you make money from home?

The answer to this question is to start an affiliate marketing home based business. You will be surprised to know how easy it is to start your own affiliate marketing business without any money and without spending too much of your time doing it.

Why should you consider affiliate marketing for your home based business?

Consider the following advantages of affiliate marketing:

  • Requires little or no cash to start
  • Require little space to do your work. If you have desk, with some clear space, then you are able to do affiliate marketing.
  • It provides you with the opportunity to promote a product or a service.
  • Once you have succeeded with a campaign with a good product or service, you can repeat the process with another product or service.

What does it take to start an affiliate marketing home based business?

You will need the following to start an affiliate marketing home based business:

  • A computer of your own or access to a computer.
  • A reliable connection to the Internet for the computer you use.
  • A little space for you and the computer.
  • A phone line, which you probably already have. If you do not have a phone line you would like to use for the business, you can go to Google Voice and sign up for an invitation to Google Voice where you can have a dedicated phone line that you can have redirected to any phone by setting it to do so with your Google Voice account.
  • Time to do the work necessary for the business, which is not a lot once you get going.
  • The final thing you need is the patience to learn how to market. There a lot of resources on the Internet which can help you out as well as some books you can get at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

When you decide to begin your affiliate marketing business, you can do the following methods in your campaign:

  • Design a mini website which promotes the single product with a sales page.
  • Design a Squeeze page. The Squeeze page is a much targeted sales letter designed to get an action, which is usually for building a list to which you can market more affiliate products or services in the future.
  • Design a Presell page. The Presell page is a like the mini website except that it appeals to people directly with a story that is more personal than what is used for a sales letter.

Each of these can be marketed in the following ways:

  • Listing the site with Yahoo! Publisher Network or Google AdSense network with Pay Per Click ads to get traffic.
  • Sending email marketing to your email list you
  • Writing articles for article directories related to the content on the website
  • Writing articles which are related to the content on the website
  • Writing posts to forums with links to your website.

The number of ways you can do your affiliate marketing campaigns are endless and limited only by your imagination.

You do not need much money or very much time to start your affiliate marketing home based business to make money from home. This business can be done while you are still working and can generate extra income at first. The one thing that an affiliate marketing home based business can do for you is to get you believing that you can have your dream of being financially independent and all of the advantages that accompany it.

Isn’t that what you want? Your dreams coming true. Start marketing now and get clicking.

Are You Ready For a Home-Based Business?

Are you thinking about opening a home-based business? Will it actually be a business or will you “just be working at home?” It’s important how you think of your business if you are working at home because of the traps you can fall into that can cause your endeavor to fail.First of all, consider whether you are you a good work-at-home type person. This is something that has to be taken into consideration. It doesn’t matter that you are a self-starter. It takes more than that. It’s a state of mind.1. Are You Going To Be A Business? For those of us who work at home, do we have a business, or are we sub-contractors, consultants, or what? Are you going to have a business or are you “just someone who works at home.”Of course you can be all of the above and still be a business. But it’s important for you to decide what you’re going to be. If you do not consider yourself a business, you may fall into the trap of “just working at home.” And many times when this happens, you are doomed for failure from the beginning.One of the problems of being “just someone who works at home” is that some of your friends may not be aware that they should pay if they ask you to do something that is related to your business. Making it clear that you are a business will make it more evident that you charge for the work that you do.2. Discipline: Operating a home-based business takes lots of self-discipline. Not only must you must be a self-starter, you must be able to set a schedule and stick to it. Even though you don’t have a boss tapping their foot if you are late in the morning, you have to have that mental image of someone waiting for you to begin your workday.I have set my office hours between 10:00 and 6:00. But I have set the time that I work from 6:00 to 6:00. I choose to do that because I like to take time off during the day. I feel as if I am late for work if I’m not at my desk by 6:00 every morning, and I don’t accomplish as much that day.3. Work on a schedule. Whatever you set your office hours to be, work on that schedule. You may only want to work part-time. That’s okay but decide what hours you’re going to work and be consistent.4. Family Responsibilities. If you let them, friends and family will be your worst enemies as far as getting anything done. It’s hard for other people to understand that we really do have a job or run a business. They think that because we work at home we have plenty of time to do other things-babysit for a friend, have long conversations on the phone, volunteer to chair a committee, take care of a friend’s, dog, etc.You have to make it clear to family and friends is that this is your job. If you don’t work it, you won’t make any money. They won’t treat it as a job if you don’t.As a home based business, I never say that I’m working at home. I say that I’m at the office. If I take a phone call on my cell phone when I’m outside the office, I don’t say that I’m not home now. I say I’m not at my office right now.Working at home can be both a joy and a curse. You have to work it and have other people understand that this is your business.

Auction Listings Are Vital to the Success of Fundraising Auctions

Fundraising Auction Tip: You should always provide potential bidders with a printed Auction Listing of both your Live and Silent Auction items at any Fundraising Auction. A printed Auction Listing is vital for several reasons:

An Auction Listing informs bidders of the order of sale, and what is coming up next. If you keep your bidders guessing, they will simply not bid.

If bidders are not 100% certain of what they are bidding on, they will not bid. A printed Auction Listing should answer any and all questions about what is being sold in order to encourage bidders to bid as much as possible.

Bidders often need time to plan their bidding strategies, especially on multiple and/or larger value items. A printed Auction Listing helps them to do that.

Couples often need time to consult with each other about what they are willing to spend on something. A printed Auction Listing helps them to do that.

Potential bidders need to know the specifics, the benefits, and the restrictions on any item they are going to bid on, especially on travel and/or other higher value items. A printed Auction Listing should answer all of their questions, in writing.

After bidders see that they have lost an item to another bidder, a printed Auction Listing makes it easier for them to re-strategize on what else they can bid on.
Printed Auction Listings generally come in 3 forms:

Printed in the Event Program or Auction Catalog.

Printed on loose sheets of paper and hand-inserted into the Event Program or Auction Catalog.

Printed on loose sheets of paper and hand-delivered to all attendees, or left on each dinner table in the room.
Auction Listings cost practically nothing to produce and they can make the difference between the success and failure of a Live and Silent Auction. You should never conduct a Fundraising Auction without one.

A Case Study

Let me share a real-life experience with you. Once I was hired to conduct a Fundraising Auction for a nationally renowned organization. The event was held in a major hotel, in one of the country’s largest cities, with several hundred “black tie” participants attending. It was an extremely professional event, with the music, singing, lighting, speeches, and awards all perfectly timed and choreographed. Everything was done to perfection… exception the Fundraising Auction.

Although I had signed an agreement to serve as their Auctioneer nearly one year in advance of the event, no one bothered to contact me for any advice or help. Approximately one week prior to the Auction date, I contacted the group to see if they had replaced me with another Auctioneer. But they said that I was still their man.

Upon arriving at the event I asked for a copy of the Auction Listing. I was told that there were none. I’m not sure whether they felt that the Auction Listing wasn’t necessary, or whether someone forgot to have them printed. This was never made clear. When I asked what I was to use at the podium, I was told to copy the list of Live Auction items from a committee member’s computer. It took me about 30 minutes to copy three pages of hand-written notes in order to prepare for my role as their Auctioneer.

I knew that they had created a PowerPoint program showing the various Live Auction items. When I asked whether the PowerPoint slide order corresponded to the order of sale I had copied from the committee member’s computer, I was met with a blank stare. The committee member left to check the slide order, and returned to let me know that the slide order did not correspond my notes, and he provided me with the correct slide order… hand-written on a paper napkin. This forced me to re-arrange my three pages of hand-written notes before taking the podium.

There was a Live Auction Table with descriptions of the Live Auction items that were to be sold, but the table was not clearly marked, and it received significantly less attention than the Silent Auction Tables, which were clearly identified. Since the Live Auction Table was located adjacent to the “Raffle Table”, it appeared that most people thought it was part of the raffle and therefore paid very little attention to it.

According to the event program (which did not include an Auction Listing), I knew approximately when I was to begin the Live Auction. At the designated time the Master of Ceremonies announced the start of the Live Auction to the several hundred people in attendance, and introduced me as Auctioneer. As I approached the podium I realized that photographs of award winners were still being taken… directly in front of the podium where I was to stand… which required me to stand aside for several minutes until the photographers were done. Can we say “awkward moment”?

As the photographers cleared, I approached the podium and began my Live Auction introduction. Approximately one minute into my introduction, the “Raffle Committee” approached the podium and stopped my Live Auction Introduction in order to pull the 8 or 9 Raffle Winners. These drawings lasted about 5 minutes. Upon it’s conclusion I was allowed to resume the start of the Live Auction.

When standing at the podium two intense and extremely bright spotlights were pointed directly at the podium. The lights were so bright that I literally could not see the center 1/3 of the room. I could see the tables on the right, and on the left, but was totally blinded when looking straight ahead. It took perhaps five minutes before the spotlights were turned off.

While at the podium and describing Lot #1, I had to ask someone to start the Lot #1 PowerPoint Slide… because apparently no one was assigned that job.

So with only the Auctioneer’s verbal description, and a PowerPoint slide, it appeared that few people in the room had any idea about what we were selling… or when we were selling it… until it was announced by the Auctioneer. As a result, bidding was extremely light and the final results fell several thousands of dollars short of where they should have been
The learning experience is this:

The Live Auction is where you place your better items, and where the real money should be made at any Fundraising Auction. Let bidders know as far in advance as possible what you will be selling, and the order of sale, so they can get excited about the Auction, and plan their bidding strategy accordingly.

Auction Listings are absolutely vital to the success of both Live & Silent Auctions. In my opinion, revenues at this Auction fell thousands of dollars short of where they should have been, because no Auction Listing was provided to the guests.

If bidders are not perfectly clear on what is being sold, including both the item’s specifics, benefits, and restrictions, they will not bid.

When you have a committee of volunteers, especially volunteers having full time jobs and/or very busy schedules, the services of a professional Fundraising Auctioneer can help to keep the committee on track.

And once you retain the services of a professional Fundraising Auctioneer… use the services that you are paying for.